Storefront Springfield “Let Your Light Shine”

Project Partners:

Thank you to our funders!

Support for Storefront Springfield has been generously provided by MassDevelopment Commonwealth Places

Printing & Installation Provided by Peak Graphics

Artists featured in Storefront Springfield are:

Frankie Borrero, Jael Whitney, Jankaleishka Burgos Cruz, Jen Delgado, Kaleighia Green, Kyle Lusty, Lauren Hartmann, Malaika Ross, Marc Austin, Mariela Chavez, Mary Thonneson, Petr Ellis, Sam Scrivner, Samantha Savoie & Whitney Weldon.

We are currently raising funds to add additional location in efforts to include more artists.


More Coming Soon!

Tower Square: Main Street

Tower Square: Bridge Street

WHAT: STOREFRONT SPRINGFIELD: “Let Your Light Shine” (wellness focus)

THE OPPORTUNITY: The Springfield Business Improvement District (SBID) and Springfield Cultural Partnership Incorporated (SCP) are requesting proposals for public art in the form of high-resolution digital images to be installed in vacant storefront windows within the SBID & SCP Districts. The results will contribute to the Downtown Metro area, classified as a Low to Moderate Income (LTMI) Area.   

The project is being funded through a combination of a MassDevelopment Commonwealth Places Grant and other public and private fundraising initiative “matching funds” raised by SBID & SCP.

AWARDS: Eight (8) to twelve (12) proposals will be awarded and funded. 

COMPENSATION: Each selected artist will be paid $600 for the use of their digital art for: one (1) print to be installed in one set of storefront window(s) at one location and for project promotional purposes. 


THEME: Wellness: “Let Your Light Shine”

WHO: Open to all local artists. 

  • Equity and access are high priorities for Storefront Springfield. Priority will be given to:
    • Springfield residents, 
    • Artists who represent Springfield’s population,
    • LGBTQIA+ artists, 
    • Female artists, 
    • Artists with disabilities

WHAT: Storefront Springfield is a two-year art project to transform vacant storefront windows in the Springfield Central Cultural District and Springfield Business Improvement District into vibrant public spaces with creative placemaking art installations created by local artists. Storefront Springfield will include art that reflects community values, voices of diverse audiences and a positive sense of space. 

Goals include implementing a partnership-focused and public-facing community-driven arts and culture projects resulting in an impactful  economic development initiative focused on real estate intervention, community development, and community engagement.

  • Use art to attract and connect people.  
  • Improve physical access by improving pedestrian and public safety.
  • Spur public space and retail projects 
  • Encourage tourism throughout the city.
  • Be a testament to the power of creativity and civic engagement in our vibrant, livable city.
  • Be a catalyst and model for inclusive urban design that connects people through shared experiences of community in public art.


  • December 2023 – Call for Art released.
  • February 2024 – Submission Deadline
  • April 1, 2024 – 8-12 Selected Artists Notified.
  • April 19, 2024 – Final Digital High-Res Art Files from Artists due to Project Partners
  • April – May 2024 – Installation Round 1
  • June 2024 – Installation & Artist Public Celebration
  • September 2024 – Installation Round 2
  • September 2024 – Installation & Artist Public Celebration

WHY: Empty storefront arts projects have proven to generate increased foot traffic and transformative impacts. Project partners are committed to utilizing the arts when creating and sustaining a vibrant environment that proactively welcomes artists to participate in city revitalization with community responsive artwork and leverage the power of the arts to catalyze change.

HOW (SELECTION CRITERIA): Selections will be made by an independent panel of 5 community residents moderated/guided by 2 representatives of the Project Partner Team. 

    • Format: Submissions must be in a high-resolution digital format that can be printed in large format (window sizes vary but start at 6’ x 6’) on a 2-D surface.
    • Engagement: Further, selections will be evaluated based on the perception of and ability to create a high level of engagement with the streetscape and passerby. 
    • Innovation and Creativity of Design: The design is innovative, creative, unique and interesting; has the capacity to move and capture audiences of all ages. Artwork may not violate copyright laws.
    • Quality of Proposed Design: The work represents the Springfield community and theme: Wellness “Let your Light Shine”. The proposal must be suitable for public display, possess quality in design elements and greatly enhance the surrounding area.
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