SPark! Igniting Our Community
Public Art in Pynchon Plaza

SPark! Public Art Display – Project Description

There are a total of eight (8) projects.  Art should be inspired by Springfield’s people, cultures, places and historical legacies, which may include, but is not limited to, Springfield landscape, iconic architecture, people, or cultures and can be literal or creative/interpretive representations. 

Note: Photos of the SPark! Art locations within Pynchon Plaza represent where the artwork will be placed. Please note that the “examples” under each of the eight (8) project descriptions are only meant to spark ideas and do not represent the concepts we are looking to receive. 

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Theme: Art should be literally or abstractly inspired by Springfield’s cultural and historical legacies, including past and/or present day residents, neighborhoods, cultural traditions and landmarks, places and landscapes, architecture, and other distinctive qualities that make the city a special place to live, work, and visit.

We encourage artists to utilize the theme in a way that ensures that Springfield residents are reflected in the artwork and have pride in the public art created through SPark!.

Congratulations to the artist recipients to create public art in Pynchon Park Plaza!


1. Roberley Bell (Pelham, MA): Artful Seating


2. Lauren Celini (Springfield, MA): Utility Art


3. Michelle Falcón Fontánez (Boston, MA) & Alvilda Sophia Anaya-Alegría (Springfield, MA) : Mosaic Art


4. RT Woods & Ryan Murray (Springfield, MA): Fencing Art


5. Beth Crawford (Haydenville, MA): 3D Sculptural Art


6. Jeffrey Lara (Springfield, MA): 3D Sculptural Art


7. Make-It Springfield: Library Box


8. Outdoor Musical Instruments (United Kingdom): Sound Sculpture 

SPark! Video Tour is


Enjoy a virtual walk-through of each public space in this video.


A two-year public art project to envision and create public art that serves to connect our city, residents and visitors, that will transform recently reopened Pynchon Plaza into a vibrant public space!
  • Collective process to imagine, select, and commission public art that celebrates Springfield’s citizens, culture and heritage. 
  • Use the arts to connect neighborhoods and people, creating equitable partnerships that demonstrate the power of civic engagement for more vibrant and livability communities.
  • Turn an under-utilized urban park into a free outdoor art gallery that all city residents and visitors can experience as an inviting place to gather, socialize and enjoy their city.
  • Improve physical access between neighborhoods by improving traffic patterns and pedestrian and public safety.
  • Encourage tourism throughout the city.

SPark! Mural Design

In 2021, Common Wealth Murals, GoodSpace Murals and Related Beal are wrapping this mural around the parking structure facing Pynchon Plaza so it will become part of the parkscape.

In 2019, the current mural was created in part by residents and visitors during paint parties and finished by Common Wealth Murals and GoodSpace Murals. One of the largest murals in Springfield, it is adjacent to Pynchon Plaza.

SPark! Free Library Box

The placement of the Free Library Box will be located at 75 Dwight Street under the overhang in front of the Police Substation next door to Pynchon Plaza.

The Free Library Box will tie into the themes of literacy and potentially incorporate a Seuss or literacy theme. The Springfield City Library will help populate the free library box with books that move out of the libraries’ circulation for community members to  “take one leave one”.


SPark! Pynchon Park Signs


The Pynchon Plaza signs (quantity of 2) serves as a park identification sign welcoming visitors to Pynchon Plaza.

The sign will include brief information about the history of Pynchon Plaza, the City’s Pynchon Plaza 2020 redevelopment and collective artists’/artwork installations.

One sign will be located at the Pynchon Plaza entrance on Dwight Street (when facing Pynchon Plaza from Dwight Street, on the left side garden bed).  The second sign shall  be located at the entrance to Pynchon Plaza on Chestnut Street closest to the elevator pathway (when facing Pynchon Plaza from Chestnut Street, on the left side garden bed). 

SPark! Utility Art

Drain covers located throughout Pynchon Plaza will be used for small murals and artful design. There are 6 flat drain covers and 4 domed drain covers.

The theme of literacy, Springfield icons, directional art leading toward the Springfield Museums, Springfield Main Library and Main Street’s Springfield Central Cultural District should be considerations. Dr.Seuss themed art is preferred to connect Pynchon Plaza to the Springfield Museums. 

SPark! Art Installation on Fencing

An artistic installation will be installed on the face of the fence covering the utilities boxes. The artwork (mural, mosaic, fiber, etc) will be framed in teak or similar material by the CIty of Springfield Parks Department and bolted to the front face of the fence.

Mosiac examples

SPark! Mosaic Design & Installation

Primary Location: Residential Property wall across Pynchon Plaza from and directly facing the Police Substation. 

Optional Location:  The location is next to the elevator’s bottom level at the Dwight Street entrance. Panels will be framed and installed by the City of Springfield Parks Department by bolting to the concrete wall.

SPark! 3D Pedestal Art/Sculpture

There are four (4) pedestals that are open for 3D art installations. 

Size = Three of the pedestals are seventy-one (71) inches in diameter and one of the pedestals is forty-seven (47) inches in diameter. 

Art can be sculpture, mosaic, solar lighting, sound sculpture, or other mediums of visual art. 

SPark! Sound Sculpture

Sound sculpture examples can be found outside of the Springfield Museum’s Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts and at

Desirable locations are at the edges of flower beds within Pynchon Plaza.

SPark! Seating Art – Artful Seating Project Description

Artistic seating design will be placed between the Police Substation located at 75 Dwight Street and Pynchon Plaza.

Playful and artful designs that act as a community gathering space are encouraged. 

Thank you to our funders!

Support for SPark! Igniting Our Community has been generously provided by: National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grant & City of Springfield Community Development Block Grant!

Project Partners:

Springfield MuseumsSpringfield Cultural Partnership and City of Springfield Department of Parks & Recreation