Hey, ya’ll! I am Shatoyia Jones, Louisiana native to Springfield, MA resident, Ms. Massachusetts 2019 AWOS, international award-winning women’s advocate, author, hostess & performance artist. I would love to an opportunity to bring the experience of Raqs Sharqi / belly dance to communities around the globe.

Most live entertainers provide a generic, predictable experience, but I am known to leave guests with a truly uniquely memorable experience. My performance is more than just entertainment; it is a joyful celebration of feminine life energy, and an invitation to join in.

– I provide a mysterious, mesmerizing beauty and entertainment experience.
– I bring a balance of mystical beauty, elegance and spice to any event, being sophisticated yet sensual and often performing in stunning costumes.
– I provide elegant & family – friendly entertainment for everyone in attendance.
– I bring bring instant excitement & cultural richness.

With a performance bringing beauty, movement, dance and music to your event, you are rest assured to associate your business / organization with an unforgettable experience that leaves your guests desiring to visit again for more, while establishing your community as a must-stop destination for top-tier entertainment, amongst other services you provide.

Health benefits: Tone muscle / Improve posture / relieve back and joint pains / lose weight / aid in preparation for childbirth / relaxing form of meditation and physical movement / low impact workout for all ages / relieve menstrual pain & PMS…and so much more!

Email: helloshatoyia@gmail.com

Website: https://www.shatoyiajones.com/


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