Six Corners Roundabout

Six Corners Roundabout – Call for Art

The SIX CORNERS ROUNDABOUT project (SCR) is a public art project to transform the center of the renovated SCR into a vibrant space with innovative art installation(s) that reflect the local community. 

In 2020, an award-winning $4.1 million redesign was completed at the intersection of Hancock, Alden, Walnut and Ashley streets in Springfield — also known as Six Corners. This project eliminated an infamous traffic hazard. At the center of this roundabout, the Six Corners Roundabout public art installation will be a highly visible beautification project. 

To inform planning for the project, residents in the neighborhoods surrounding the Six Corners Roundabout provided feedback through public in-person community input sessions and via virtual input forms. 

To request an application for the Six Corners Roundabout – please visit this link, or reach out to ABC. 

Project Information and Timeline

The maximum budget for proposed project is XYZ. The deadline to apply is ABC.

Who Should Apply? 

  • Artists of all mediums – as individuals or as a collaborative effort
  • Artists from Springfield, or collaborating with a Springfield-based group will be given preference.
  • Artists of Color, LGBTQIIA+, people of all abilities, and women will be given preference.

Community Input – Six Corners Roundabout

The project is intended to engage Springfield artists, residents, community stakeholders, and cultural institutions to actively collaborate to imagine and create public art that builds on residents’ feedback. Themes highlighted by community members include experiences of place-keeping, legacy, and ownership.  

  • Community History, Home, and Family were the most prominent themes mentioned
  • Healing and Rebuilding, Community, Legacy, and Culture are also important messages and meanings for the public art installation
  • Artistic media use for this public art proposal may include, but are not limited to: sculpture, painting, and landscape art (including fountains or gardens). 
  • Safety, care, and cleanliness are especially important to community members relative to the installation, and the proposal should include a plan for maintenance as such. All plans will be also reviewed by the City for traffic and public safety considerations. 

How to Apply

  1. Request application from the City of Springfield via XYZ – deadline 789
  2. Review full application, requirements, guidelines.
  3. Submit your application online or via hard copy – deadline 456
  4. Art Committee selects finalist(s) for second round of application questions – date XYZ
  5. Art Committee selects awardee – date 123
  6. Awardee will fabricate and install the public art piece. Installation will occur no later than ABC, with a community celebration to follow.

If you have questions – reach out to ABC

If you would like to attend a webinar or site visit – visit 123 

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