Springfield Creative Leaders Program

The Springfield Creative Leaders Program is a multi-step process intended to strengthen our local artists and creative leaders. This program empowers our creative community to grow in their ability to showcase their talents through exhibits and events within the community, in a repeatable, sustainable way — growing their influence far beyond any one specific event and celebrating their role in driving the local economy.

The Springfield Creative Leaders Program is an inclusive effort, affecting economic development and playing a distinct role in bringing our cultural community together all through direct mentorship, skill building and skill sharing for local talent.

This pilot program is currently by invitation only in efforts to allow us to build a solid foundation. SCL will open up to the larger Springfield creative community in the future.

MassLive: Arts mentoring program promoted by Springfield Cultural Partnership, July 2020

Channel 22 / MassAppeal: Springfield Creative Leaders Program Set to Start, June 2020 (video)




● Create a meaningful educational foundation for creatives so that they may utilize the skills derived in enhancing their artistic careers or hobbies.

● Activate downtown Springfield with diverse programming that is representative of the resident population and is financially accessible.

● Convene residents of Springfield, the Pioneer Valley, and nearby communities, in ways that enrich their lives socially, intellectually and culturally by hosting meetings, readings, poetry slams, lectures, debates, forums and artistic performances.

● Foster collaboration, participation and partnership with local arts, cultural, community and academic organizations to serve new and varied audiences.

● Contribute to the overall civic life of the region with civil, engaging, enjoyable and positive interaction at all events.

● Host SCP nights allowing emerging and working artists to host performances and gallery exhibits with an educational component that would take them through the process, thus preparing them to, repeating their event in different venues

Springfield Creative Leaders is proudly supported by both its partners and organizations committed to both building strong communities and the cultural economy.

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