Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 Study

 Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6) is a study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry in the U.S., administered by Americans for the Arts (AFTA). The study’s purpose is to gauge the economic impact (jobs, government revenue, household income) of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations, and the event related spending by their audiences.

The data collected in AEP6 shows the collective power of the creative economy in Springfield, and will be used to support making the case for public funding, artist grants, and more cultural programming in the City.  Springfield Cultural Partnership (SCP) Members were involved in the collection of this data, as well as other community partners and individuals throughout the City, to ensure equity and representation in our results.

Pride in community. In Springfield, 92% of event attendees agreed that the activity or venue they were attending was “a source of neighborhood pride for the community.” 87% said they would “feel a sense of loss if that activity or venue was no longer available.

Arts and culture builds more livable communities. 86% of Americans say, “arts and culture are important to their community’s quality of life and livability,” and 79% believe that the arts are “important to their community’s businesses, economy, and local jobs.”

Arts and culture strengthens the visitor economy. In Springfield, one-fifth (20.6%) of attendees travel from outside the county in which the activity takes place; they spend an average of $51.83 per person, twice that of their local counterparts ($26.66).

Improving personal well-being. Nationally, 78% of the population say the arts are a “positive experience in a troubled world,” 69% believe the arts “lift me up beyond everyday experiences,” and 71% feel the arts give them “pure pleasure to experience and participate in.”*

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