Michelle Falcón Fontánez, is a multimedia storyteller working in photography, film, and public art. Michelle has witnessed and personally experienced injustices that have shaped her views of the world, motivating her pursuit of making change through art. Her artistry has primarily focused on social justice issues, advocating for women rights, dismantling colonialism, and calling attention to Puerto Rican issues, ultimately creating work to illuminate voices that have not been heard.

Michelle’s early work consists of solo producing a women’s focused documentary on the impacts of the economic crisis of Puerto Rico before Hurricane María. Michelle has expanded her work on Puerto Rico, through photographic public art murals representing Puerto Rican people and culture through a spiritual realm: “El” and “A Call To Our Ancestors” Her latest short film tells the story of “María” will premiere at this year’s Boston International Film Festival.

Email: info@falconfontanezfoto.com

Website: falconfontanezfoto.com


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