Marc Austin Designs: Marc Austin was born in Daytona Beach Florida and migrated up to the Western Mass area as a young boy. Having been exposed to the artistic cultures from both areas as a child was a very liberating and eye opening experience for the young artist. It wasn’t long before the lure of Graffiti in his new city of Springfield Massachusetts pulled him in. After learning the basics, and getting a handle on Airbrushing, he eventually branched off and started to explore all elements of visual media, up to the point of questioning what art is in itself actually is. The answers came and so did more question. Marc can be credited by many of his childhood friends as always having had a colorful personality. It wasn’t until later he realized his artistic style was a mix of Impressionism and De Stijl. The sublime and the archaic. As Jackson Pollack once said, “I don’t paint nature, I am Nature…”





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