Kenneth Harris

Kenneth Harris is a member of Puppeteers of America and an AARP Digital Fraud Fighter. He is blending his passion for theatre and puppetry with his continuous cyber security training to spread scam prevention tips.

Ken started as an actor in high school and the former Team Players Drama group of Northampton, MA. He furthered his education of the theatre with intermediate lessons at the Springfield Drama Studio. Ken has supporting roles in Jalapa Theatre productions and the Henry County Players Group out of McDonough, Ga.

As a puppeteer, Ken has performed for various Western Massachusetts daycare and other early learning centers, featuring shows that focused on fairy tales.

In his endeavors to spread cyber security awareness, Ken has used his puppets in funny ways to depict scams at the Vancouver International Puppet Slam, Puppet Showplace Theatre In Brookline, Ma, and StingsNThings out of San Pedro, CA. Ken is excited about the prospects of applying puppets on a relevant topics in a hilarious and unique way.

Ken is a graduate of the High School of Commerce and Springfield Technical Community College with an associates degree in Criminal Justice.