The mission of Focus Springfield Community Access Television is to improve the quality of life for Springfield residents through stimulating economic development, community building, education, training, and promoting the benefits of living, learning, and working in the city. Located in the heart of the city at the corner of State and Main Streets, Focus Springfield showcases the cultural and educational achievements of our citizens, over the airwaves, via the Internet, or in the gallery space facing Main St. Focus provides training designed to encourage individual and community based programming, as well as real time activities that will enhance the downtown streetscape.

The studio is designed as a mixed-use facility. While most of the studio is dedicated to television and video production, it also accommodates multi-media workshops, live performances, professional (commercial) production, public meetings, and community events. A large part of our mission is also teaching community members how to tell their own stories by making original television programs, which are then broadcasted on our channel. 


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