Angela Vincent: All of my work is inspired by the force and beauty of nature that surrounds me. I have been creating work professionally for the three years but started drawing and painting at about age twelve and have created art in several formats throughout my life. I tend to work in series, creating both studio pieces and “plein air” landscapes. In the process of finding my way into a comfortable style, I rediscovered aspects of creating art as a spiritual pursuit. I am a member of the Hilltown Artisans Guild and the Amherst Plein Air Society and have exhibited at the Meekins Library, the Local Gallery, and Springfield Art Stop(s).

I invite you to visit my online portfolio to review more. I tend to work in series that are thematic and all works have the common thread of a close observation of nature. One series is three oils, Forces of Nature. These are large abstract paintings that have a universal theme of conveying the rhythm and transformative forces of nature. Over the past two years I have developed a series of landscapes that promote an awareness and appreciation of conservation efforts in our valley. Executed in both oil and watercolor, these works are, or the most part, large in format. The selected landscapes represent efforts to preserve and conserve land ensuring that these places will continue in their natural state. These landscapes celebrate the vistas, watersheds, trails, and forests that I frequent and I have the joy of painting. These works were featured in an exhibition, Treasure the Land, sponsored by the Springfield Cultural Partnership at their event, Art Stop(s) in the fall of 2019.




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