Painted Piano Project

The Painted Pianos will be back in the Summer of 2019.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Piano, hosting a piano at your location or donating an upright piano in good working condition, please contact us at This effort increases walkability and comfort on our streets, brightens the streetscape, and provides income to local working musicians, a keystone of our local economy.

All pianos are open for the public to play! They have been donated by the Community Music School of Springfield, painted and decorated by local artists, and now it's your turn to try something artistic - stop by on a walk and play a few keys!

A special thanks to and our local Springfield Artists: Jack Devlin, Robert Markey and Sheldon Smith for their support of the 2018 Painted Piano Project.

If you are an artist interested in playing at on of our Lunchtime concerts, please register on our Artist Database.

Art Stop(S)

MAY 3, 2019 5pm - 8pm

The Springfield Cultural Partnership seeks artwork submissions from Emerging Artists to display in one of the 2019 Art Stop locations. The SCP is looking for artwork that evokes a sense of engagement and community set against the backdrop of the urban landscape. These galleries will provide respite from the “hustle and bustle” of daily metropolitan life.

The purpose of Art Stop is to activate street level space with galleries to encourage walking and create a fresh artistic environment. We also hope to contribute to Springfield’s creative economy and bring attention to emerging local artists.


The Springfield Central Cultural District produced a slew of unconventional galleries in Downtown Springfield to share our reach and help residents, employees, and visitors to the District Experience the Unexpected

We hosted a joint gallery opening / blowout with artist talks at all three locations, refreshments, and buskers/street musicians all in-between. 

District-Wide Utility Box Mural Program

A map and artist statements can be found on the Utility Box Mural page here

The SCP is working to incorporate more art as part of economic development in Downtown Springfield. In the Fall of 2015 - we piloted a utility box mural program in Stearns Square Park during the "Springfield Under the Stars" movie night, and people loved it! The theme of all of the boxes is "unexpected beauty," playing off the SCP’s tagline "Experience the Unexpected."

The purpose of this project is two-fold: first, to beautify the streets and create unique and interesting pedestrian sights; second, to provide economic opportunity to local artists who are trying to make a living creating art in Springfield. We see this project in its final step as a huge, free outdoor gallery that is accessible to anyone, regardless of social or income status.

thank you to OUR ARTISTS !

Alberto Nieves, Andrea Newland, Arielle Jessop, Catherine Burton, Christopher Gann, Gina Beavers, Gloria Caballer-Arce, John Simpson, Lisa Hersey, Lorraine MacAlpine, Louise Padilla, Marcus Hickney, Priya Nadkarni, Renee Flowers, Sydney Briggs, Terry Sullivan, and Whitney Weldon.

Transforming Downtown in 1 Week:

June 2 - June 8, 2019

The Springfield Cultural Partnership is a proud partner of Fresh Paint Springfield. “Downtown Springfield is about to get some fresh paint! Vibrant colors and awe-inspiring designs are coming to Springfield's bare building walls, public pianos, and sidewalks. From June 2nd - 8th, nationally recognized mural artists will transform downtown building walls in to permanent works of art. Local artists will paint public pianos, and cover sidewalks in chalk. Community events will encourage residents and visitors to join in the excitement, watch the murals be created, meet the artists, and participate in the creation of one of the murals. Fresh Paint Springfield is a celebration of community, creativity, and the City of Springfield. All of the art will be located in walkable distances from each other, creating a dynamic outdoor art gallery. This outdoor gallery will encourage people to go beyond a single destination to explore and enjoy the entire Springfield arts and restaurant district.” For more information visit the Website.