Painted Piano Project 2018

We have placed three pianos in public spaces to activate space and fill our Downtown Streets with music! The locations are: 1350 Main Street, George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum at the Quadrangle, and 1 Monarch Place. 

All three pianos are open for the public to play! They have been donated by the Community Music School of Springfield, painted and decorated by local artists, and now it's your turn to try something artistic - stop by on a walk and play a few keys!

Lunchtime concerts on our painted pianos are scheduled through August and September:

Mondays, 12 - 1pm at Monarch Place
Wednesdays, 1 - 2pm at the Museum Quadrangle
Fridays 12 - 1 at 1350 Main Street

This project is supported by

We're still looking for help to hire musicians during the day! This effort increases walkability and comfort on our streets, brightens the streetscape, and provides income to local working musicians, a keystone of our local economy. If you, or your company, would like to support this venture in exchange for marketing exposure, please contact us at


District-Wide Utility Box Mural Program

A map and artist statements can be found on the Utility Box Mural page here

The SCCD is working to incorporate more art as part of economic development in Downtown Springfield. In the Fall of 2015 - we piloted a utility box mural program in Stearns Square Park during the "Springfield Under the Stars" movie night, and people loved it! This expansion of the program will take the total number of painted boxes in the District from 2 to 22. The theme of all of the boxes is "unexpected beauty," playing off the SCCD's tagline "experience the unexpected."

The purpose of this project is two-fold: first, to beautify the streets and create unique and interesting pedestrian sights; second, to provide economic opportunity to local artists who are trying to make a living creating art in Springfield. We see this project in its final step as a huge, free outdoor gallery that is accessible to anyone, regardless of social or income status.

thank you to OUR ARTISTS !

Alberto Nieves, Andrea Newland, Arielle Jessop, Catherine Burton, Christopher Gann, Gina Beavers, Gloria Caballer-Arce, John Simpson, Lisa Hersey, Lorraine MacAlpine, Louise Padilla, Marcus Hickney, Priya Nadkarni, Renee Flowers, Sydney Briggs, Terry Sullivan, and Whitney Weldon.

Downtown Holiday Market Placemaking with UMass Springfield

As part of the Downtown Holiday Market, the SCCD worked with UMass Urban Landscape Design students to create two creative interventions in order to bring light to Market Place. The City of Springfield funded this partnership within their ongoing support of UMass' Design program. 

Student groups presented and took through several stages two short-term interventions - a Market Place luminary and sidewalk wayfinding. Long-term proposed interventions to activate Market Street were also presented to Downtown Springfield leaders.  

Press: Springfield on the Journey to Revitalization : Many Small Steps Moving in One Direction (WMa Women's Magazine), UMass Landscape Design Students Bring Attention to Downtown Springfield (BusinessWest), UMass Amherst Landscape Architecture Students Use Art to Draw People to Market Place... (The Republican)

Create the Vote

Arts are an issue that affect everyone in a city, and have the unique capacity to solve social problems - increasing public safety, graduation rates, and pride of place. In Springfield, the arts are a $50M industry, supporting 1,800 full time jobs, and we want our elected officials to have strong views on supporting US! 

We issued a questionnaire to all running at-large and ward council candidates for the 2017 race to start the conversation, as well as help you decide how to cast your vote. Take a look on the Create the Vote page and at the debate videos on our video page

Peep This! Art in Springfield Storefronts

“Peep This: Art in Springfield Storefronts” was a program partnering artists with vacant storefront spaces in Downtown Springfield. The project aimed to enliven downtown spaces and offer an attractive opportunity for artists, property owners, and the community at large. Seven artists were chosen by the Cultural District to show their paintings, artwork, or sculptural installation including: Trish Cataldo, Sally Curcio, Jack Devlin, Dana Filibert, Andrae Green, Priya Nadkarni, and Chris Marion. 

This program was funded in part by the Springfield Cultural Council. 

Old First Church Organ Concert

Old First Church in Springfield’s Court Square is perhaps one of the Downtown’s most recognizable landmarks, but is underutilized for most of the year. The Springfield Central Cultural District hopes to change that, starting with a pop-up organ concert on an autumnal Sunday afternoon.


The purpose of this program is to both show how beautiful and versatile the Old First Church space is, as well as provide income to local artists through this program. We aren’t just putting on an event – we’re showing the potential in this historic building and hoping to encourage future activity in not just Old First Church, but throughout unexpected spaces in the Cultural District.

This event is free and open to the public.