Create the Vote

Arts are an issue that affect everyone in a city, and have the unique capacity to solve social problems - increasing public safety, graduation rates, and pride of place. In Springfield, the arts are a $50M industry, supporting 1,800 full time jobs, and we want our elected officials to have strong views on supporting US! 

We issued a questionnaire to all running at-large and ward council candidates for the 2017 race to start the conversation, as well as help you decide how to cast your vote. Take a look on the Create the Vote page and at the debate videos on our video page


Springfield Under the Stars Movie Night and Placemaking


Springfield Under The Stars was a collaboration between MassDevelopment, The Springfield Central Cultural District and City Mosaic. The free community movie screenings took place on Wednesdays in September in Stearns Square, an underutilized park in the center of the new Innovation/ Dining District.

The mission of the event is to positively promote Downtown Springfield by attracting young professionals and families to stay in the city after work hours. Two public art installations were completed as part of this event : the interactive "When I Grow Up" Visioning Wall and two painted utility boxes by artists Mischa Epstein and Carole Singh. 

This program was funded in part by a MassDevelopment Placemaking grant. 


Downtown Holiday Market Placemaking with UMass Springfield

As part of the Downtown Holiday Market, the SCP worked with UMass Urban Landscape Design students to create two creative interventions in order to bring light to Market Place. The City of Springfield funded this partnership within their ongoing support of UMass' Design program. 

Student groups presented and took through several stages two short-term interventions - a Market Place luminary and sidewalk wayfinding. Long-term proposed interventions to activate Market Street were also presented to Downtown Springfield leaders.  

Artisan Gallery at the Downtown Holiday Market

In collaboration with the Springfield Business Improvement District, the Springfield Central Cultural District assisted in putting on a Holiday Market to bring back the whimsical experience of shopping Downtown during the holiday season. The SCCD curated an Artists Gallery to take place at the corner of Harrison and Main Streets at the main intersection of Downtown. 

Featured Artists included: Charlene Kocot, Dale Gardiner-Fox, Deborah Lunzy, Donna McArdle, Donna Westberg, Jake Murphy, Jane Janovsky, Linda Spelko and Juliet Bacchas, Marilyn Sutin, Mischa Epstein, Randi Shenkman, Rhonda Wainshilbaum, Sally Curcio and Anne Seuthe, Stacy Geryk and Whitney Weldon

Peep This! Art in Springfield Storefronts


“Peep This: Art in Springfield Storefronts” was a program partnering artists with vacant storefront spaces in Downtown Springfield. The project aimed to enliven downtown spaces and offer an attractive opportunity for artists, property owners, and the community at large. Seven artists were chosen by the Cultural Partnership to show their paintings, artwork, or sculptural installation including: Trish Cataldo, Sally Curcio, Jack Devlin, Dana Filibert, Andrae Green, Priya Nadkarni, and Chris Marion. 

This program was funded in part by the Springfield Cultural Council. 

Old First Church Organ Concert

Old First Church in Springfield’s Court Square is perhaps one of the Downtown’s most recognizable landmarks, but is underutilized for most of the year. The Springfield Cultural Partnership hopes to change that, starting with a pop-up organ concert on an autumnal Sunday afternoon.

The purpose of this program is to both show how beautiful and versatile the Old First Church space is, as well as provide income to local artists through this program. We aren’t just putting on an event – we’re showing the potential in this historic building and hoping to encourage future activity in not just Old First Church, but throughout unexpected spaces in the Cultural District.